PSEUDOPOD Award Eligibility 2015

Thank you for listening to PseudoPod. Since it’s a new year, discussions arise of award eligibility. If you enjoyed our work, we’d love you to consider us for any awards you feel are appropriate. For example, with the Hugos we are eligible for Best Fancast.

The following short stories were originally published in PseudoPod in 2014:

“Tradition” by L.M. Ball

“The Blistering” by Johnnie Alward

“Sanctuary” by Steve Calvert

“The Day the Words Took Shape” by Francesca Haig

“Juggernaut Revisited” by Lou Morgan

“The Anniversary” by Den Patrick

“Kraken Rising” by Andrew Reid

“Party at the Witch House” by Richard Kellum

“The Lake” by Severity Chase

“The Biggest Candle of Them All” by Peter Newman

“Digit” by Gabriel R. Miller

“The Wriggling Death” by Harold Gross

“Gut Check” by Toni Nicolino

“The Buchenwald Man” by Benjamin Sonnenberg

“Jack the Ripper’s Bedroom” by John Paul Davies

“Party Games” by Richard Farren Barber

“Penance” by Liz Colter

“Jack” by Mohammad Naim Kabir

“Her Face All Sharp” by Sara Larner

“Abigail” by Hunter Gray

“The Metal and Its Mold” by Tim W. Burke

“The Unfinished Room” by Joshua Rex

“Mary” by Krista Soli Foster

“Whispers From the Trench” by Robert McKinney

“The Violin Family” by James Douglas

“Mr. Flyspeck” by R.K. Kombrinck

The following short stories were originally published somewhere else in 2014, but reprinted in PseudoPod. If you want to nominate any of these, you should list the original publication in parentheses after the story title:

“Punksnotdead” (Immortal LA) by Eric Czuleger

“Variations of Figures Upon the Wall” (Where Thy Dark Eye Glances) by Silvia Moreno Garcia

“Sideshow” (Nightmare) by Catherine McLeod

“Good Boy” (Regime 03) by David Stevens

“The Recovery” (Strange Tales IV) by H.V. Chao

“Four Views of the Big Cigar in Winter” (Kindle) by Charlie Bookout

Thank you David Steffen at Diabolical Plots for helping us put this list together.