Submissions Schedule

We have adjusted our submissions schedule to help address the humbling number of stories we receive.

Here is our working schedule:

From To Status
3 November 2019 15 October 2020 General Submissions Closed
1 March 2020 31 July 2020 2020 Anthologies and Collections – see note below
15 October 2020 2 November 2020 General Submissions Open
3 November 2020 28 February 2021 General Submissions Closed
10 August 2021 31 August 2021 Flash Fiction Contest Submissions Open

Looking at this schedule, yes we’re closed until Halloween month. However, we are looking to purchase non-exclusive reprints from anthologies and collections released at any point in 2020. These will be scheduled to run in November and December of 2020. If you have a story out or forthcoming in one of those, get your publisher in touch with us. We’ll get a portal set up in Moksha to accept these books for consideration by our team.

As with all plans they are subject to change. But we wanted to pull back the curtain a bit and let you know what we generally have in mind.

Dates last updated February 2020