PseudoPod 416: Punksnotdead

Show Notes

“It makes me uncomfortable to share this story. It was supposed to be one thing and it took a dark turn on me. It was inspired by the nightly walks my best friend and I take by the ocean. We’ve been taking the same walks for years. The coastline never changes but we do. I guess that scares me. That a minute ago we were twelve, a second ago we were twenty, and the coastline never changes.”


by Eric Czuleger

“Punk is Dead. He has twenty-four hours Left.”

About the Author

Eric Czuleger

Eric Czuleger is originally from Los Angeles, where he is a founding member of the Courage Theatre Company. He was a playwright for years before he joined the Peace Corps. He currently lives in the town of Bajram Curri, Albania, where he is a High School English teacher. “Immortal L.A.” is the first story in his forthcoming series of the same name, the book IMMORTAL L.A., a series of short weird fiction about a big weird city. You can also find some of Eric’s prievious work at Live Theatre Blog and on Facebook at “Live Theatre Blog”. Also if you’re in the L.A. Area, go and see a show at the Coeurage Theatre company, a great theatre that is always pay-what-you-want. Check us out at Coeurage Theatre Company.

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About the Narrator

Joe Calarco

Your reader this week – Joe Calarco – is an actor and sound designer living in Los Angeles. He’s also one of the founding members of Coeurage Theatre Company in Hollywood.

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About the Artist

Christopher Walker

Christopher Walker lives surrounded by dark forests in Southwest Virginia with his wife, 2 cats, and 7-year-old son — who he’s pretty sure is a nexus of elemental chaos.

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