PseudoPod 367: Flash On The Borderlands XVIII: Flash Fiction Contest III

Show Notes



“Whispers From The Trench”

by Robert McKinney

That’s when I saw them. Three shapes dressed in enemy kit, slogging from their lines in the pockmarked soil to allied trenches to the southwest. Each had air tanks strapped onto their backs and had faces blocked by masks and gas bottle tubing.


“The Violin Family”

by James Douglas

Music: Brice Catherin “Number 3: Version for violin and chamber orchestra” available at The Free Music Archive.

There are four members of the violin family: the violin, the viola, the cello and the double bass.


“Mr. Flyspeck”

by R.K. Kombrinck

She hadn’t been afraid, only curious and surprised. Something was sitting on the desk. It looked like a rat, or mouse. Three feet tall with orange fur and wild eyes. She remembered how it smiled at her. How it spoke.

About the Authors

Robert McKinney

Robert McKinney is a sometimes writer and former Pinkerton from South Texas. He likes running, donuts, and dogs that look like tiny demon space wolves.

He writes a lot of things, with some stories leaning towards urban fantasy, and others towards techno-thriller. It’s a weird mix, but it works for him.

When not writing books, he makes audio-dramas at and elsewhere.

You can find him on twitter at , where he sometimes runs DnD campaigns using the polls.


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James Douglas

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James Douglas is quite happy to remain mysterious, although will confess to being ‘rather English’.

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R.K. Kombrinck

R.K. Kombrinck is a writer and artist who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife and two sons. He is a founding cast-member of the popular horror podcast “Night of the Living Podcast.” He enjoys iced-tea (unsweet) and genuinely believes in Sasquatch. His collection, THESE LONELY PLACES is available HERE. You can hear him talk horror on the weekly Night Of The Living Podcast, and read more of his fiction HERE.

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About the Narrators

Donna Scott

A stalwart of the British science fiction scene, Donna Scott is Chair of the British Science Fiction Association as well as a copy-editor and proofreader, enjoying the coolness of working with some of the greats and hot new stars of sf.

She is also co-editor of dark fantasy fanzine Visionary Tongue, which was established in 1995 by fantasy writer Storm Constantine to help bring new writing to the fore and features prose, poetry, interviews and insights into the weird and wonderful world of creativity.

Donna is a well-respected editor within genre, and has worked with Immanion, Angry Robot, Games Workshop and many independent presses. She has recently worked on Alan Moore’s Jerusalem and Best of British Science Fiction 2016 anthology for Newcon Press. Her current project is Best of British Science Fiction 2017.

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Dani Cutler

Dani Cutler

Dani Cutler has been part of the podcasting community since 2006, hosting and producing her own podcast through 2013. She currently works for KWSS independent radio in Phoenix as their midday announcer, and also organizes a technology conference each year for Phoenix residents to connect with others in the podcast, video, and online community.

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Dani Cutler

Joel Nisbet

Joel Nisbet

ZoomMan DJ and producer, better known by his stage Kidesigner, is an American electronic dance music producer, DJ, singer and songwriter.

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Joel Nisbet