Robert Mammone

Robert Mammone was born in Australia. Robert isn’t to be confused with the other Robert Mammone, the noted Australian television and film actor.

Robert has tried his hand at writing since at least the late 1980s, when he won an encouragement award for a short piece of fantasy whose name he can no longer remember. A long barren period followed until 2009, when Robert decided it wasn’t worth dying wondering, and turned his hand once more to writing, this time, horror fiction. Of late, he has turned his mind to writing some more fantasy, which has always been his first love.

Robert’s horror and fantasy short fiction has appeared in Doctor Who Magazine, the British Fantasy Society’s 2010 Winter JournalMidnight EchoPseudopod, Filthy Creations and Rogue Blades Entertainment’s upcoming anthology, Assassins.

One day, Robert hopes to write a novel, but for that he needs two things – an idea. And your soul.

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