PseudoPod 165: The Copse

The Copse

by Robert Mammone

A woman carrying a tray of drinks emerged from the kitchen. She was tall and spare and the loose clothing she wore only accentuated the impression. Sarah noted with alarm the condition of her hands, all knobbed joints and cracked skin. Setting the tray down, the woman looked at each of them, her head bobbing birdlike on a thin neck.

“This is my wife, Margaret,” Standish vaguely waved a hand in her direction. Sarah thought her eyes distant. Sarah extended a hand and Margaret responded. The woman’s hand was rough, like bark. The grip was limp, and Sarah was glad to let it drop. Margaret’s lips parted in a blank smile, revealing a set of large, blunt teeth stained a remarkable shade of brown.

“Would you like a drink?” she said, her voice barely above a whisper.

About the Author

Robert Mammone

Robert Mammone was born in Australia. Robert isn’t to be confused with the other Robert Mammone, the noted Australian television and film actor.

Robert has tried his hand at writing since at least the late 1980s, when he won an encouragement award for a short piece of fantasy whose name he can no longer remember. A long barren period followed until 2009, when Robert decided it wasn’t worth dying wondering, and turned his hand once more to writing, this time, horror fiction. Of late, he has turned his mind to writing some more fantasy, which has always been his first love.

Robert’s horror and fantasy short fiction has appeared in Doctor Who Magazine, the British Fantasy Society’s 2010 Winter JournalMidnight EchoPseudopod, Filthy Creations and Rogue Blades Entertainment’s upcoming anthology, Assassins.

One day, Robert hopes to write a novel, but for that he needs two things – an idea. And your soul.

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About the Narrator

Ian Stuart

Ian Stuart is a writer/performer living in York. He has done work for the BBC and Manx Radio, as well as audiobooks, historical guides and promotional videos. He is also a storyteller/guide for The Ghost Trail of York, taking tourists round the city and telling them some of its darker secrets. You can read more about his poetry and his dog, Digby, on his blog, The Top Banana. If you wish to contact Ian about voiceover work of any kind , you can get in touch with him on Twitter at @yorkwriter99. His greatest boast is that he is the father of a famous son.

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