Pseudopod 220: Flash On The Borderlands VI: Flash Fiction Contest II

Show Notes

Interim music: “Strangeforms” by Harmaline

Pseudopod returns to life to bring you the winners of our forum’s “Flash Fiction” contest.



by M.E. Smith

Narrated by Leann Mabry

“The person who had been Jane did not remember a time before she had been living in the cell.”


Mother’s Milk

By Strahinja Acimovic

Narrated by Jacquie Duckworth

“The sewing was hard. My blood had coated the table, the floor, the coat I was lying on. It was hard to tell where things ended and began in the red.”


Little Monster

By LynnCee Faulk

Narrated by Dani Cutler

“‘That doll gives me the creeps,’ Miranda said. Bonnie stopped brushing the doll’s hair and slowly turned her head to meet Miranda’s gaze.”

About the Author

Lynn-Cee Faulk

LynnCee Faulk has more stories available at Points In Time And Space

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About the Narrators

Leann Mabry

The world is not ready for Leann Mabry. Best-known for her Parsec-Award winning Tag in the Seam podcast, Leann’s feisty charm, intelligence, honesty, humor, sophistication and wisdom have propelled her to the forefront of the New Media scene. The show began as a podcast for women, but quickly developed a rabid following among both sexes. Leann has continued to push the envelope, retaining female-focused sensibilities while adding artistic and deeply personal touches, turning T.i.t.S. (she swears the acronym is an accident . . .) into one of the most exciting, volatile, progressive podcasts in production. (more…)

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Dani Cutler

Dani Cutler

Dani Cutler has been part of the podcasting community since 2006, hosting and producing her own podcast through 2013. She currently works for KWSS independent radio in Phoenix as their midday announcer, and also organizes a technology conference each year for Phoenix residents to connect with others in the podcast, video, and online community.

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Dani Cutler

Jacquie Duckworth

Jacquie Duckworth grew up sneaking out of her room in the wee hours of the night to watch Twilight Zone and Night Gallery. She is an actress in the San Francisco Bay Area performing everything from Shakespeare to sketch comedy and is proud to have been featured as the “Bondi Neighbor Woman” in a television episode of Discovery ID Channel’s I ALMOST GOT AWAY WITH IT!

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About the Artist

Maui Threv

Maui Threv was born in the swamps of south Georgia where he was orphaned as a child by a pack of wild dawgs. He was adopted by a family of gators who named him Maui Threv which in their language means mechanical frog music. He was taught the ways of swamp music and the moog synthesizer by a razorback and a panther. His own music has been featured over in episodes of Pseudopod. He provided music for the second episode ever released across the PseudoPod feed: Waiting up for Father. He also is responsible for the outro music for the Lavie Tidhar story Set Down This. He has expanded his sonic territory across all 100,000 watts of WREK in Atlanta where you can listen to the Mobius every Wednesday night. It is available to stream via the internet as well, and Threv never stops in the middle of a hoedown.

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