Pseudopod 206: Flash on the Borderlands IV

Just when you thought it was finally dead… We’re back! And tragedies always come in threes.


A Natural

By Sylvia Hiven
Read by Cheyenne Wright

Bill glanced into the mirror, certain that the truth was etched into his features. But an oddly calm face stared back at him. Sure, it was thin and wrinkled — and perhaps paler than most — but it was decorated with friendly blue eyes, and there was no sign of distress. No, sir.


Shadows’ Bride

By Marie Brennan
Narrated by Ben Phillips
Music and atmospherics by Toby Chappell

Their laughter is the silence of empty rooms, the hush of dust lying decades thick. Their smiles leer from metal reflections marred by tarnish and rust. Their jest has entertained them for many a year.


Is This a Horror Story?

By Scott Edelman (
Read by Kris Johnson

I wanted those photos out of our house, but no one in authority could be reached that night. I went to sleep expecting nightmares, but none came.


Connecting music in this episode by Harmaline