PseudoPod 10th Anniversary Celebration

For our 10th Anniversary celebration we teamed with Horror in Clay, numerous authors, and members of the online horror community to make our 10th Halloween something special.

Narrator Pay

In 2015, Pseudopod started paying authors rates to qualify for SFWA and HWA membership for original full length stories.  In 2016, we started paying authors these rates for all original stories. With the successful funding of our Kickstarter campaign, we started paying our narrators in 2017.

We sucessfully funded our Kickstarter campaign

As part of this campaign, we funded the production of a mug and an anthology that both celebrate what PseudoPod has been and become over the last 10 years. We had an essay for every day of the campaign from members of the community that have impacted and been impacted by Pseudopod.

The Anthology: For Mortal Things Unsung

The Mug

The Essays

We shared daily personal essays from members of the Escape Artists family including staff, narrators, and authors. Check out essays from:

A Century of Horror

Our Century of Horror Showcase started with the 1960’s and Fritz Leiber’s “A Bit of the Dark World” as our 500th Episode. Over the next year we released a bonus story each month with a representative story from each decade of the 20th Century. These remain available for subscribers, along with our other Extrusions.

PseudoPod Extrusions Episode list:

  • Episode 04 – A Century Of Horror Part 1 – The Aughts: The Monkey’s Paw
  • Episode 05 – A Century Of Horror Part 2 – The Teens: The Black Godmother by John Galsworthy
  • Episode 06 – A Century Of Horror Part 3 – The 20s: The Red Lodge by H.R. Wakefield
  • Episode 07 – A Century Of Horror Part 4 – The 30s: Side Bet by Will F.Jenkins
  • Episode 08 – A Century Of Horror Part 5 – The 40s: The Cracks of Time by Dorothy Quick
  • Episode 09 – A Century Of Horror Part 6 – The 50s: The Hanging Stranger by P.K. Dick
  • Episode 10 – A Century Of Horror Part 8 – The 70s: Beyond the Cleft by Tom Reamy
  • Episode 11 – A Century Of Horror Part 9 – The 80s: Dinner Party by Gardner Dozois
  • Episode 12 – A Century Of Horror Part 10 – The 90s: Calcutta, Lord of Nerves by Poppy Z. Brite