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PseudoPod 845: 15 Eulogies Scribbled Inside a Hello Kitty Notebook

15 Eulogies Scribbled Inside a Hello Kitty Notebook

By Carlie St. George


I didn’t know him well. Nobody did, really: he was the new kid. But he was funny, and he was cute, and I probably would’ve said yes when he asked me out, except that’s when the gullet-eaters attacked, and he didn’t know not to scream. Stuff like gullet-eaters and werewolves and carnivorous pixies didn’t happen at his old school, I guess. Anyway, they ripped his throat out in seconds. Pulled out his esophagus. Chewed. His body twitched for a long time, arterial spray everywhere. It was a Tuesday, probably.

I think about Liam often, or at least whenever I study physics. The library couldn’t replace my blood-spattered textbook. Budget cuts, you know. (Continue Reading…)

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Anthologies and Collections from 2022: Dream Warriors

Here at PseudoPod we believe that short stories in anthologies (pieces by different authors) and collections (pieces from a single author) deserve to be seen by more readers. We, and our audience, love short fiction and we never have enough slots to run everything we’d like to in a year – but what we can do is shine a light on some of the many, many books that feature amazing selections of stories.

With that in mind, we put out an anthologies and collections call in the summer of 2022. Since then, our dedicated editorial team have been reading and discussing stories and… wooooeee, we have some amazing pieces coming up for you in the coming months.

Here’s a summary of the books we plan to feature in 2022 and 2023: (Continue Reading…)

Anthologies and Collections and PseudoPod and You III: Dream Warriors

There are a number of short stories in anthologies and collections that deserve to get in front of more readers. We want to shine more light across our community and widen our circle to make room for more writers and readers. We and our audience love short fiction, and we never have enough space to run everything we want in a year, so we want to get samples of entire books of short fiction in front of our audience. In specific, PseudoPod has penciled out space in a large portion of November and December 2022 to support this effort. Want to know what this might look and sound like? Check out the showcase we did in November and December 2020 starting with “The Genetic Alchemist’s Daughter” by Elaine Cuyegkeng from the anthology Black Cranes. The 2021 Showcase started off with “Sleep Hygiene” by Gemma Files from the collection In That Endlessness, Our End. (Continue Reading…)