Artemis Rising 2: Hecate Strikes Back: Open for Submissions

Artemis Rising

In 2016, Escape Artists will again celebrate ARTEMIS RISING, a special month-long event across all three Escape Artists podcasts featuring stories by some of the best female and non-binary authors in genre fiction. Pseudopod will fill the entire month with female-authored horror fiction. Payment will be $.06 per word for original fiction, and $100 for reprints. Original fiction is preferred.

Pseudopod is now open for submissions for the entire month of September.

Who Can Submit

Anyone who identifies as a woman, to whatever degree that they do. Non-binary authors are also welcome and encouraged to submit stories.

As always, we at Pseudopod strongly encourage submissions from people of backgrounds that have been historically under-represented or excluded from traditional horror fiction, including, but not limited to, people of color, LGBTQ authors, persons with disabilities, members of religious minorities, and people from outside the United States. Our goal is to publish horror that reflects the diversity of the human race, so we strongly encourage submissions from these or any other under-represented groups.

What to Submit

Send in your best horror fiction between 2,000 – 6,000 words.

You can send Pseudopod one submission for ARTEMIS RISING. If we have another story under consideration already in the general submissions queue, we’d be happy to consider an additional story for ARTEMIS RISING. One submission per portal for a total of two under consideration.

We will accept simultaneous submissions, with one exception: while you’re welcome to submit to all three ARTEMIS RISING calls (Escape Pod for science fiction and PodCastle for fantasy), please don’t send the same story to more than one ARTEMIS RISING call at a time. Wait until you receive an answer, and then feel free to submit it to another Escape Artists call, if appropriate.

Our goal is to have responses sent out by the end of October. If this changes due to the volume of submissions received, we’ll update you. While we’ll be accepting a limited number of stories for ARTEMIS RISING, all stories may be considered for filling the remainder of the Pseudopod calendar.

How to Submit

Please follow our usual submission guidelines on how to format your story, and submit through our special ARTEMIS RISING Submittable portal.

Thanks, and we look forward to reading your stories!