PseudoPod 334: The Curse Of The Mummy

The Curse Of The Mummy

by Andre Harden

She’d driven out of town a thousand times. Sometimes east, sometimes west, always alone. Anywhere was better than here. She tried to keep it real for the most part: a safety deposit on an apartment, a total make over, a new job; waitressing or maybe something else. Maybe a photographer. Maybe a dog walker. Maybe a nanny for rich people. Those were real jobs in some places. Sometimes she couldn’t keep it real at all: She’d flown to Paris and shared a taxi with a man who wanted her and who turned out to have millions. Fantasy, like real life, had a way of spiraling out of control.

About the Author

Andre Harden

Andre Harden is an author, screenwriter and director. He likes to mix humor and drama to create genre stories that drop identifiable characters into situations which test their relationships, desires, and ultimately, their own sense of who they are. He writes thrillers, fantasy, horror and science fiction.

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About the Narrator

Emily Smith


Emily Smith is a physician living in the Central Valley of California. She’s not afraid to put you to sleep but she is terrified of black widow spiders, heights, and that sudden silence that means a child is up to no good. She lives in constant danger of being eaten by cats, tripped by a baby, choked by a wisteria vine or smothered by wild birds. The wisteria vine is currently the most likely cause of her demise as it is the only thing not dependent on her for sustenance and her death dovetails nicely into its plan for world domination.

You can occasionally find her as Fireturtle on the Escape Artists forums, particularly if there is a flash contest in the offing.


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