PseudoPod 78: In a Right and Proper Place

In a Right and Proper Place

by Holly Day

Across the street lives a woman with snakes in her hair. She watches me from between the rotting drapes that keep the sun from melting her living room furniture. Her eyes glow in the dark, and she thinks I can’t see her, but I am not as stupid as she thinks.

I sit at the breakfast table and wonder if she has to feed each snake head individually, or if they’re just like hair, and just need a shampooing, now and then. I imagine her dipping her entire head into a cage full of frightened rats, the snakes in her hair darting this way and that, tangling around each other in their haste to catch the fat ones, the ones with the least demented testicles. Tiny bones crunch in my head as I close my own teeth on a spoonful of raw bran, orange juice instead of milk because milk always makes me sleepy.

About the Author

Holly Day

From her website:

I’ve been writing professionally for 24 years, with over 7,000 articles, poems, and short stories published, and 15 nonfiction books in print. Over the years, I’ve been in contact with some young and beginning writers that seem to believe that they’d already screwed themselves out of becoming “real” writers because of some of the choices that they’ve made. Hence, the impetus for this blog: to showcase all my own stupid mistakes that still somehow led me to being the professional writer, educator, wife and mother I am today. It’s not about connections, or education, or who your family happens to be–all you really need to be a writer is bloody-knuckled persistence. Oh, yeah, and the Armageddon blog is about all the stupid little things I do when I’m not writing.

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About the Narrator

Christiana Ellis

Christiana Ellis is an award-winning writer and podcaster, currently living in Massachusetts. Her podcast novel, Nina Kimberly the Merciless was both an inaugural nominee for the 2006 Parsec Award for Best Speculative Fiction: Long Form, as well as a finalist for a 2006 Podcast Peer Award. Nina Kimberly the Merciless is available in print from Dragon Moon Press. Christiana is also the writer, producer and star of Space Casey, a 10-part audiodrama miniseries which won the Gold Mark Time Award for Best Science Fiction Audio Production by the American Society for Science Fiction Audio and the 2008 Parsec Award for Best Science Fiction Audio Drama. In between major projects, Christiana is also the creator and talent of many other podcast productions including Talking About SurvivorHey, Want to Watch a Movie? and Christiana’s Shallow Thoughts. Her most recent novel: Phyllis Esposito: Interdimensional Private Eye is now available as both print and ebook. All her work can be found at



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