Pseudopod 454: Eastern Promise

by Stewart Horn

“Eastern Promise” originally appeared in Crowded Magazine issue 2, 2013.

STEWART HORN is a professional musician and amateur writer and poet based on the West Coast of Scotland. His work has appeared in the Horrorzine website and two Horrorzine anthologies, Screaming Dreams Press’s magazine Estronomicon, Crowded Magazine, the Lovecraft Ezine and the British Fantasy Society Journal, as well as a few small local things. He blogs occasionally at Stewartguitar, writes reviews for the BFS and is a member of the Glasgow Science Fiction Writers’ Circle.

Your narrators are Ian Stuart (introductions) and Hugo Jackson. Hugo is a fantasy author and cosplayer from Chichester, England with a passion for acting, anime, and movie soundtracks, currently living in Raleigh, North Carolina. The first of his four book young adult fantasy series, The Resonance Tetralogy, is available on and can be found on facebook under the series name Resonance Tetralogy or on Writesaber. His publisher is Inspired Quill. He can be found amongst his cosplay projects on facebook at BritFang Cosplay


“‘In more western parts of Europe, incorrupt corpses were apt to induce almost the opposite response. A lack of decay was taken to be evidence that the individual had died in a state of perfect grace, immaculate and sinless. There are reputed to be whole, perfect bodies secreted among the other saintly relics in churches all over France, Spain, Italy and Prussia, and all those that remain intact have since been canonized. Many such corpses were said to emanate an ‘odour of sanctity’ for some time after death, described as akin to the smell of fresh flowers; it may be principally this olfactory phenomenon, coupled with geographical and religious incidence, that determined which corpses were worshipped as saints, and which destroyed as demons or vampires.’

M. Rhodes, Demonology and Vampirism in Europe, 1897”