Pseudopod 203: Flash on the Borderlands III

Ladies’ night at the meat market. A threesome of delectable flash fiction morsels.


My Body Your Banquet

By C.S.E. Cooney
Read by Jacquie Duckworth

The man next door was interested in eating human flesh. He said as much, last time I took the trash out to the alley.


Sight Unseen

By R. Scott Shanks, Jr.
Read by Rachel Swirsky

“Wherever you touch yourself, you will feel my hands touching you.” Sylvie reached for her aching head and felt a man’s rough hand twined in her hair, gently but firmly pushing her face into her graying sheets.


The Lot

By C.M. Harris
Read by Eve

It’s The Call of The Hydrae. It’s started.