Pseudopod 167: Love Like Thunder

By Jim Bihyeh

Read by Cayenne Chris Conroy of Teknikal Diffikulties

After he pitched his nylon tent in a nearby juniper grove at the base
of the hill, he slept until moonrise. Then, under the pale light, he
unfolded his steel trench-shovel and walked uphill toward the
cemetery, looking for love.

Three fresh granite tombstones glinted with new sand mounded before
them; the last resting place for three of the Ganado students killed
that week. Dondo noted them as he searched for older love. Deeper

He found it at a medium-sized granite tombstone next to a clump of
rabbit brush. The name read: “Elinore Tsosie,” born April 19 1933,
died November 18, 2004. 71 years old. Perfect.

Dondo squatted over his haunches beside the grave, holding his hands
over the sandy earth like he was warming himself beside a campfire. He
pinched sand from the base of the tombstone, tasted it, then spat to
the north. Here was love. He dug.
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About the Author

Jim Bihyeh

Jim Bihyeh is the author of a story collection called Coyote Tales, several of which have been featured on Pseudopod. He is a non-fiction writer for publications like The Navajo TimesArizona Highways, and High Country News. Jim grew up on the Navajo reservation, and returns there regularly to do work as an oral historian.

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About the Narrator

Cayenne Chris Conroy

The creative force behind the Teknikal Diffkulties Podcast.

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