Pseudopod 182: The Dreaming Way

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The Dreaming Way

by Jim Bihyeh

Her teachers never asked her to remove the headphones. What was the point? The girl earned a 100% on every quiz and exam, and when they called on her, Lynnette spat the answer back like a rifle ejecting a shell.

“The girl just has a way with tests,” her teachers repeated. “She knows how to prepare.”

But Lynette caught a lot of shit for her test grades. Part of the Navajo culture said that you weren’t supposed to stand out from the group. But Lynette already stood out.

“Lynette, Lyn-Ette! Teacher’s Pet!” went the usual recess refrain. “Lynette, Lyn-Ette! Teacher’s Pet! About as tall as a jumbo jet!”

And Lynette was tall. She towered past six feet by the time she reached eighth grade. And her long black hair that she rarely brushed only made her seem taller when it fell down over her wide shoulders; she was heavy-set, truly big-boned, more muscle than fat. And she put that muscle to use during the “Lynette Incidents,” as they came to be called.

About the Author

Jim Bihyeh

Jim Bihyeh

Jim Bihyeh is the author of a story collection called Coyote Tales, several of which have been featured on Pseudopod. He is a non-fiction writer for publications like The Navajo TimesArizona Highways, and High Country News. Jim grew up on the Navajo reservation, and returns there regularly to do work as an oral historian.

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Jim Bihyeh

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