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PseudoPod 083: Heartstrung

Show Notes

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by Rachel Swirsky

One, two, three, the needle swoops.

Pamela squirms as the needle cuts into her sensitive heart tissue. “It hurts!”

“Shh,” the seamstress says. “It’s almost done, honey. Just a few more stitches and you’ll be like mommy.”

The seamstress bends forward as she presses her needle into her daughter’s heart for another stitch, squinting to make sure she sews tight and even. As she pulls the thread taut, she realizes this stitch marks the midpoint – she’s now halfway finished sewing Pamela’s heart onto her sleeve.

Pseudopod 82: The Language of Crows

By Mary E. Choo

Read by The Word Whore

“Susie… Susan…” Jeremy’s eyes struggle to find me. His voice is coarse, beleaguered. “I must know how everything….”

“Jeremy, love… everything’s fine,” I interject. “Min’s round and about, Fidel has been fed, and Edward is coming today, with the papers you wanted.”

Edward, Jeremy’s solicitor, has been back and forth with his secretary a lot lately, regarding Jeremy’s will. Edward did tell me, last time, that he’s getting concerned, in view of Jeremy’s extreme medication and state of mind. Most of the estate and the house go to me, but… well… after… I’d rather not stay.

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Pseudopod 81: It’s Easy to Make a Sandwich

By SL Bickley

Read by Ben Phillips

You know what goes into each variety — you’d better, you’ve gone
over it enough times. You know what’s in each of the recessed boxes
in the counter.

Meats: Salami, pepperoni, roast beef, turkey, tuna salad, meatballs,
chicken salad. Bacon’s in the narrow coffin-like depression, dead

Cheeses: American, white American, pepper jack, Colby, provolone.

Vegetables: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, shredded carrots, peppers (red
bell, green bell, jalapeño, banana), black olives, pickles.

Sauces: mustard, mayonnaise, chipotle mayonnaise, Italian, light
Italian, ranch, all in upside down squeeze bottles. Oil and vinegar
in cruets. Shakers of salt-and-pepper, oregano, Lawry’s Seasoned

It’s a lot to keep track of. At least, it’s a lot for the mind to
keep track of.

It’s easy to make a sandwich if you switch off your mind.

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The Pseudopod Autopsy: Stephen King’s 1408

A man alone in a hotel room. The past, present and future colliding beneath banal wallpaper, store bought faux art and carefully neutral furniture. A courtesy phone, a mini bar and every surface covered in the blood of the previous victims. 1408 is a meticulously constructed assault on reality itself, a film where the normal is abnormal and where it’s a very, very bad idea to try and steal the complimentary towels. So glove up, and join us as we pull the most evil room in the world apart apart and find out what makes it tick.