Pseudopod 80: Votary

By MK Hobson

Read by Dani Cutler

One day Mom came home from work early. Votary found her sitting on the
porch talking with Mr. Dubeck, the postman. He had his bag next to him,
full of mail. He was bald and skinny, with neck muscles that stuck out
and jumped around when he laughed. He had strong muscular legs,
rippling and hard, and they had fine golden hairs on them that shone in
the sun. He was sitting on the stairs below my mother, in the late
afternoon sunshine.

She was sitting in the cool shadow, speaking quietly, her hands clasped
together. The thumb of one hand was stroking the palm of the other. She
was sitting back under the overhang of the roof; her face was darkened
by the heavy shadow. Mr. Dubeck had his head inclined sympathetically
toward her.

They weren’t talking about mail.

About the Author

M.K. Hobson 

M. K. Hobson is a writer extraordinaire whose work has appeared in many publications such as Realms of FantasyThe Magazine of Science Fiction and FantasyInterzone and Sybil’s Garage. Her debut novel The Native Star was published to critical acclaim in September 2010 by Ballantine Spectra. She can be heard frequently on PodCastle, both as guest host and narrator, and has long been a beloved part of the Escape Artists family.

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