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PseudoPod 344: The Pit

The Pit

by Joe. R. Lansdale

Six months earlier they had captured him. Tonight Harry went into the pit. He and Big George, right after the bull terriers got through tearing the guts out of one another. When that was over, he and George would go down and do their business. The loser would stay there and be fed to the dogs, each of which had been starved for the occasion.

When the dogs finished eating, the loser’s head would go up on a pole. Already a dozen poles circled the pit. On each rested a head, or skull, depending on how long it had been exposed to the elements, ambitious pole-climbing ants and hungry birds. And of course how much flesh the terriers ripped off before it was erected.

Twelve poles. Twelve heads.

Tonight a new pole and a new head went up.

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PseudoPod 330: Flash On The Borderlands XV: At Your Service!

Show Notes

Do you feel an implicit threat in the query “How May I Help You?”

“Last Waltz in Texas” originally appeared in Necrotic Tissue #10 and was reprinted in THE BEST OF NECROTIC TISSUE.

“Sterile” and “Meat” are PseudoPod originals.

“Last Waltz in Texas”

by Bryce Albertson

“Hey there, cowboy. Have a seat.” (Continue Reading…)