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PseudoPod 348: The Easily Forgotten

The Easily Forgotten

by Philip M. Roberts

“He has to have an angle,” Doug said.

“I’d be careful,” Greg said, stopped in his planting, just as Monica stopped to listen, her head tilting towards the conversation. “Owen doesn’t tolerate people trying to take advantage of him. He’s great if you play nice, but he’ll kick you out of here the second he feels
you’re trying to screw him. And when I say kick, I mean literally.”

“You’re kidding me, right? What if people go into town to the cops? What right does he have to beat up on people?”

“You know how much money he’s invested in this whole state? Besides, I’ve seen him boot two people, one for stealing, and one for hitting someone else. Both went on their way with a black eye, probably a few other bruises. More embarrassing than painful I’d imagine.”

Monica stood up and brushed the dirt off on her jeans. She didn’t want to hear any more of the conversation.