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PseudoPod 699: Flash on the Borderlands LI: Quaint and Curious Forgotten Lore

Show Notes


Dr. Lambshead’s Dark Room:

“I started my publishing career writing about Edgar Allan Poe, who has been a formative influence on my work since I was a child. I wrote an article in which I coined the term Poepathy to describe the uncanny and infectious influence he seems to have not only on US letters, but throughout the world. In writing it, I realized in diagnosing others I was diagnosing myself, and so “Dr. Lambshead’s Dark Room” became the satirical “therapy notes” for my own Poepathy.”

Alasdair’s Notes:
Beneath the Rising
Premee’s twitter
Preemie’s interview on Breaking The Glass Slipper


A Dark Bird

by Bradley H. Sinor

She closed the book, placed it on the table, and finally, decided to walk through the door.  The words of the poems echoed in her head.

She hesitated for only a moment before crossing the threshold, as the blue flames wrapped around her, sending a tingling cold into the deepest bits of her.

For the longest time there was nothing, finally in the distance came the sound of water gently lapping against the piers of a dock, the cold December winds reaching out onto the water. A dark bird of her desire circled near her.

“The one you seek is near,” said the creature.

Two men in the heavy jackets and caps of seamen shivered as she passed, one crossing himself and drawing deeper within his jacket. The other crossed himself, glancing up into the sky at the full moon.

“Why do you torment me?” she asked the bird. (Continue Reading…)