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PseudoPod 513: Flash on The Borderlands XXXIV: Interstices

Show Notes

All three of these stories are runners up from the PSEUDOPOD flash fiction contest

They walk serene / in spaces between



by Murf Freedmont

Narrated by Spencer DiSparti

“Zipper was written entirely on my smart phone (in the middle of the night…in bed…when I could not sleep). I intended it to be a writing prompt for a story to be finished later, but when I counted the words the next morning I decided to submit it to the Pseudopod contest without significant changes. Since it fared much better than my other submission, perhaps I should limit all my writing to my phone … but I hate touch screens so much.”

Have you ever tried to open a sleeping bag zipper silently?


by Nicholas Conley

narrated by Rock Manor


I like the way that skin feels.

The Void

by Thomas Vicinanzo

narrated by Laurice White

“The most terrifying thing is a life devoid of intrinsic meaning, and a universe which does not and cannot understand us.”

I tripped on a little ridge where the turf was bunched up like a carpet. It was early morning and the park was empty, so I pulled at the grass, and it came up, revealing soil blacker than fresh asphalt. Then I saw it wasn’t soil but black empty space.