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Pseudopod 346: Prisoner Of Peace

by David Tallerman

“Prisoner Of Peace” appears in the AFTER DEATH anthology from Dark Moon Books, which can be purchased here.

David Tallerman is the author of the novels GIANT THIEF and CROWN THIEF, to be followed by a second sequel, PRINCE THIEF, this September. The first collected edition of his comic book series ENDANGERED WEAPON B was released in July by UK publisher Markosia. David’s horror, fantasy and science fiction short stories have appeared in over fifty markets, including Lightspeed, Bull Spec, Redstone Science Fiction and Pseudopod itself. David can be found online at Writing On The Moon and his blog, also called Writing On The Moon.

Your reader this week – Caith Donovan – is a part-time voice actor and writer who can be heard in shows from BrokenSea Audio, Gypsy Audio, Dramapod, Sonic Society, and now Escape Pod. He currently appears as the companion Zacharias Cobb in the CP Studios’ production of Dr. Who, Las Pintas Negras, and his script, Closet Monster, is currently in production at Scattered Sounds Theatre.

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“Today is a day of darkness.

For all that, I can see every brick in the wall, and every crack in every brick. I think somehow that if I only looked hard enough I could even see into those cracks, and scrutinize their furthest depths.

I know today what’s behind me, lying on my sleeping mat. I wish I didn’t, but I do.

I tried to scream at first, but no sound came out.

Now, I sit and wait. Forgetfulness will come.

It has to.”