PseudoPod mentions in November 2020

In November we welcomed  Mother Horror Sadie Hartmann who is visiting the back catalog and reviewing some of the short stories of years past. She began with “The Pit” by Joe N. Lansdale narrated by John Bell.

Mother Horror and “The Pit”


At Curious Fictions, Maria Haskins discusses “Teeth Long and Sharp as Blades” by A.C. Wise narrated by Tonia Ransom:


In her author spotlight accompanying the story “The Gorgon’s Epitaphist” at Apparition Lit, KT Byrski discusses “Tara’s Mother’s Skin” by Suzan Palumbo narrated by Sandra Espinoza.

The Gorgon’s Epitaphist


Hollywood Reporter talks about the doors that were opened by Leigh Harlen’s story “I Hate All That Is Mine.” Sometimes it pays to walk through that door at the end of the hall.


Assistant Editor Karen Bovenmyer reveals the arcanum of The Hanged Man 


Associate Editor Kitty Sarkozy gets a shout out in the Publisher’s Weekly review for her story “Dream Girl” in the upcoming anthology “Hold Your Fire.”

Associate Editor and Audio Producer Chelsea Davis shares her latest entry in her “Shrieks and Howls” series comparing 28 Days Later and 27 Dresses.


A late entry from October from Dan Micklethwaite and a number of the stories he loved in October, including Flash on the Borderlands LIII: What Dreams May Come featuring stories from Lyndsie Manusos, Eugenia Triantafyllou, and Sarah Read


A late entry from October includes an entry from Bookriot that includes non-fiction with The Know Fear Cast, fiction with NightlightPod, and audio drama like Palimpsest. Go add everything here to your podcatcher!

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