PseudoPod mentions in October 2020

We thought we’d share a number of the places PseudoPod was mentioned in the media during October 2020:

Frolic calls out two stories which have run on PseudoPod as scarring including 20 Simple Steps to Ventriloquism by Jon Padgett and The Screwfly Solution by James Tiptree, Jr:

On the LA Review of Books, Audio Producer and Associate Editor Chelsea Davis shares her article “American Psycho,” “American Beauty,” “American Pie”: White Male Rage at the Turn of the Millennium —

Associate Editor Christi Nogle’s story “Packet C” is reprinted over on Toasted Cake:

At Curious Fictions, Maria Haskins discusses “Silver as the Devil’s Necklace” by Isabel Cañas narrated by Sandra Espinoza:

As part of her Culture Consumption series, Andrea Blythe discusses “Silver as the Devil’s Necklace” by Isabel Cañas narrated by Sandra Espinoza:

PseudoPod makes the British fantasy Award shortlist (along with friends!):

We received fan art for The Sneakaboo from Deena Salzman – go to the episode to check it out!

PseudoPod 726: The Sneakaboo

Co-Editor Alex Hofelich hosts the Southern Nightmare Reading Series presented by the Atlanta Chapter of HWA:

Alex also made appearances at Multiversecon  including the Building Better Undead panel: and a non-horror presentation on near future transportation technology:

Alex also participated in the Eugie Award Symposium: (we will share links when the archive becomes available.)

Since we’re playing catch-up, here’s a few from earlier this year:


Associate Editor Jessica Ann York’s debut short story appears in the anthology Places We Fear to Tread:

Over on Alex Brown discusses “Tara’s Mother’s Skin” by Suzan Palumbo narrated by Arielle John:

We also received fan art for “Tara’s Mother’s Skin” from Brandon Kawashima – check it out here:


Over on Deadhead Reviews, Hailey Piper discusses the “Internal Queerness Versus External Monsters” present in “The Animals Are Becoming” by Chantal Beaulne narrated by Hugo Jackson: