For Your Consideration 2020: Original PseudoPod Fiction in 2019

For your consideration we present the Escape Artists stories that ran in 2019 which are eligible in the upcoming award nomination season.

Below are links to some aggregation projects, where fans are building lists of those eligible in the various categories. They’re great tools, and we’d like to thank all the contributors for their  efforts.

The list of individual stories for PseudoPod follows in order of publication:

2019 first publications:

Reprints of stories originally published in 2019:

  • 663: Birds of Passage by Gordon B. White, originally published in TWICE-TOLD: A COLLECTION OF DOUBLES, edited by CM Muller, Chthonic Matter Press in February 2019
  • 673: Venio by Gemma Files, (novelette) originally published in Vastarien Spring 2019
  • 679: The Woman Out of the Attic by Gwendolyn Kiste, originally published in Flame Tree’s Haunted House anthology in January 2019
  • 682: Pomegranate Pomegranate by Jack Westlake, originally published in Black Static #69 in May 2019. It was reprinted in the August 2019 issue of The Dark.

Want to share your opinions about our 2019 roster? Vote for your favorite stories here:

A quick plug. For us. All four EA shows – PodCastle, Pseudopod, Escape Pod and Cast of Wonders – are themselves eligible in the SEMIPROZINE Hugo category. Not Fancast. Not Fanzine. SEMIPROZINE. Yes, the categories are confusing and often overlap. “Fancast” is traditionally commentary shows and sketch-based audio programs.

Escape Pod was massively honored to be a finalist for the Hugo, PodCastle was a finalist for both the World and British Fantasy Awards, and PseudoPod was thrilled to lose a British Fantasy Award to Neil Gaiman in their inaugural Audio award category and make it to the finals a second tome. PseudoPod has been honored to win the THIS IS HORROR Award for Best Fiction Podcast twice. Escape Pod, PodCastle, and Cast of Wonders were both on the Hugo long list this past year, plus Mothership Zeta in prior years. We’d be honoured for any one of our shows to be a finalist.

But that’s a decision that rests solely in the hands of YOU, our fans and supporters. Thank you! We couldn’t do any of this without you!

With regards to the Hugos, PseudoPod requests that you consider other publications for your semiprozine nomination slots. There’s a wealth of choices out there that deserve that particular spotlight. What we would like you to consider is to give one of your nomination slots for our indefatigable Host Alasdair Stuart for Best Fan Writer. He was deservedly a finalist last year, and should go on the list again. The Hugo Award Book Club makes an impassioned and thorough case for one of your nominations here: