PseudoPod 543: Be Still, My Dear, And Listen

by J. T. Glover


Of course we called her “Audrey.” We were sixteen, mad about Sherilyn Fenn, tuned in together every Thursday, and we went to school with a pimply, stinking cow named Audra Horning? What happened was inevitable.

About the Author

J. T. Glover

J. T. Glover has published short fiction in The Children of Old Leech, The Lovecraft eZine, and Weirdbook, among other venues. His nonfiction has appeared in LampLight, Postscripts to Darkness, and Thinking Horror. is an academic research librarian by day and lives in Virginia and can be found online at Look for his short story “There Has Never Been Anyone Here” in volume four of Nightscript, scheduled for October 2018.

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About the Narrator

Dagny Paul

Dagny Paul is a lapsed English teacher, failed artist, and sometimes writer who lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has an unhealthy (but entertaining) obsession with comic books and horror movies, which she consumes whenever her five-year-old son will let her (which isn’t often). Dagny was Assistant Editor of PseudoPod, and guest editor for Pseudopod’s Artemis Rising 3 event in 2017.

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