PseudoPod 519: Perfect Reflection

Perfect Reflection

by Elizabeth Siedt

You hate mirrors.

You use them, sure, begrudgingly checking your hair and doing your makeup and smiling into them after you’ve finished brushing your teeth. But you’ve never liked them, how they throw back at you a world you take for granted is your own. Antique mirrors in particular unsettle you, like silent mercurial ancestors, hanging on your wall and looking right into your eyes. The worst are the oval ones, with the thin, gold frames. They look like enormous keyholes to a darker world.

About the Author

Elizabeth Siedt

ELIZABETH SIEDT is a writer, playwright, and improviser in Chicago, and performs at iO Chicago with her team, Stag. Her plays have been performed all around the city of Chicago, and she’s currently the managing director of a new theater company for women, The Jades. Additionally, you can hear her sillier musings at the podcast she co-hosts, So You Don’t Have To. She blogs at Honestly Doing Her Best.

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About the Narrator

Dani Daly

Dani Daly is a jack of many trades, master of none. But seeing as she loves the rogue life, that’s ok with her. You can hear stories she’s narrated on all four Escape Artists podcasts, StarShipSofa, Glittership, and Asimov’s Science Fiction podcast or you can buy the audiobooks she’s narrated at under the name Danielle Daly. You can also contact her on Twitter @danooli_dani or at if you’d like her to read for you.

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