PseudoPod 516: The Fox

The Fox

by Conrad Williams

Megan was trying to push past her mother and now I was able to breathe more easily. Kit was just trying to shield Lucy from what was inside the coop. Or rather, what wasn’t. The chicken-wire had been torn open. All four chickens were gone. No feathers, no signs of a fight whatsoever. Just one spot of blood on the ramp leading into what Megan had been referring to as the ‘chook-chook’s bunga-oh’.

About the Author

Conrad Williams

In 2007 CONRAD WILLIAMS won the International Horror Guild Award for Best Novel for The Unblemished. In 2008 he won the British Fantasy Award for Best Novella for The Scalding Rooms. In 2010 he won the British Fantasy Award for Best Novel for One.

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About the Narrator

Kaushik Narasimhan

Kaushik is a management consultant by day, and a struggling writer by night. He likes psychedelics and RPG games.

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