PseudoPod 502: The Trauma Box

The Trauma Box

by D. Morgan Ballmer

Most everyone in Fairview knows of the Trauma Box. None agree on its origins. Some claim the box was brought in by bootleggers during Prohibition as a place to stash illicit booze. Others claim it was used by the FBI to interrogate suspected communists back in ’50s. The Reverend, should you bump into him, will whisper of a family whose sole heir was a malformed child. The deranged boy was supposedly chained inside the box until his untimely death some eighteen years later (or ‘six-six-six years later’ as the Reverend puts it).

About the Author

D. Morgan Ballmer

D. Morgan Ballmer lives with his wife and daughters in Maple Valley, Washington. His work has been featured in the Pseudopod episode 502 “The Trauma Box”, Three-Lobed Burning-Eye Magazine, Pantheon Magazine, and various anthologies. He can be found online at or on FaceBook as D Morgan Ballmer.

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About the Narrator

Jairus Durnett

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