PseudoPod 482: The Box Wife

The Box Wife

by Emma Osborne

If you run your hands over me you’ll be pulling splinters from your palms for days.

I am in a room bare and dark.

About the Author

Emma Osborne

Emma Osborne is a fiction writer and poet from Melbourne, Australia. Her short stories can be found in Aurealis, Bastion Science Fiction and Shock Totem. Her poetry has been featured in Star*Line and has appeared in Apex Magazine. Emma comes from a long line of dance floor starters and was once engaged in a bear hug so epic that both parties fell over. She can be found on Twitter as @redscribe and her website is A Practical Crown

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About the Narrator

Eve Upton

Pseudopod Default

Eve Upton is huddled in the darkness of the cupboard. She appears to be scratching words into the floor. Upon closer inspection, they say: nolite the bastardes carborundorum.

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Pseudopod Default