PseudoPod 317: Enzymes


by Greg Stolze

Maybe I’m not human, maybe I never was. I’m pretty sure humans never feel like I do when I drink gasoline, that sweet intoxication, so pregnant with possibility and power. It’s like the power of the sun, and of a great tree that drew in sunlight to grow, and of an ancient beast that ate of the tree and died, that sank into the earth and was worked on by millions of years until it turned to oil. It’s like all those kinds of power, concentrated step by step, and the toil of the drillers and refineries and pump mechanics too. Gasoline is everything. Gasoline is the elixir of modern civilization and I’m one with it when I drink. All the clouds of exhaust and all the labor of machines and their men, I’m all within it.

Then I drop off and I have to crawl out, I’m man-bodied again, dressed in jeans and a denim shirt with fake-pearl snaps. My fingers are crusted with rust and black under the nails but I run them through my hair anyway. It’s long hair, unkempt and black. I never get it cut, never trim my beard, but they stay the same.

The full text of “Enzymes” is available for free on Greg’s web site.

About the Author

Greg Stolze

Greg Stolze

Greg Stolze is a novelist, game designer, and onetime crowdfunding pioneer. Born in 1970, he coauthored the horror game Unknown Armies, did a lot of work for Delta Green and several editions of the World of Darkness. His most recent horror novel is God Cancer, which is about exactly what it says on the label. You can also read dozens of his stories for free at or get some of them printed in his latest anthology, The Sky Is Full of Ghosts.

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Greg Stolze

About the Narrator

Kyle Akers

Kyle Akers is a voice actor from Kansas City, Missouri. He has contributed to podcasts like Pseudopod, Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, and NoSleepPodcast. He also produces and performs in his own improv podcast called “The Counselor.” Prior to voice acting, Kyle toured the country as a professional musician, singing and playing bass guitar for the electro-pop band Antennas Up, which enjoyed success through several national television show placements and commercials. Since then, Kyle has dabbled in long-form improv and audio production while performing weekend gigs with Kansas City cover band The Magnetics.

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