Pseudopod 286: The Bee Charmer of Beckett Falls

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The Bee Charmer of Beckett Falls

by Patty Templeton

Beckett Falls could’ve been sucked up by a twister for all I had in it. It wasn’t worth a full show and it made me nervous. We gave it one tent and a single twilight. Gas up, chalk a few marks and go.

Far as I ever saw, Shawna Garrett was Beckett Falls’ one breath worth breathing.


About the Author

Patty Templeton

Patty Templeton is a writer and a Readers’ Advisor at a Chicagoland library. Her work has appeared in Steam-Powered II and Rosebud Magazine. In 2010, she won the first ever Naked Girls Reading Literary Honors Award and has been a runner-up for the Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Award. She can most often be found doing one of three things: writing, reading or stomping around at rock ‘n roll shows. Click the link under her name above to check out her blog!

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About the Narrators

George Cleveland

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George Cleveland lives in Tamworth, NH where he cares for cats with Attention Deficit Disorder. He is the Executive Director of the Gibson Center for Senior Services in North Conway. For many years, George was known as The Voice of the Valley on New Hampshire radio, where he conducted over 3500 interviews with newsmakers from all parts of the world – George has spoken with most major Presidential candidates, a representative of an interplanetary confederation and many noted authors and musicians. An avid collector of tales and legends, he sniffs out new hauntings and reports of long lost treasure. He has frequently written on people and places of interest, including musicians and artists and has appeared before numerous historical and school groups in the United States and Hawai’i speaking about his grandfather, former President Grover Cleveland. He was featured on C-SPAN’s ‘American Presidents’ series when they broadcast from Cleveland’s birthplace in Caldwell, New Jersey.

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Julie Hoverson

Julie Hoverson has been recording a ton of books for – including Jake Bible’s Dead Mech series, and the short novellas for Brian McLellan’s Powder Mage series (an unusual and very good fantasy series). She also just put out a book of victorian photos called MY LADY’S WARDROBE – the first in a series – aimed at gamers, costumers, and fans of steampunk who are looking for inspiration in garb. Just search her on Amazon or Audible.

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