Pseudopod 286: The Bee Charmer of Beckett Falls

by Patty Templeton

This piece was posted in the fall of 2011 on the creatively collaborative website “The Bee Charmer of Beckett Falls” is dedicated to Shawna Flavell, who inspired it.

Patty Templeton is a writer and a Readers’ Advisor at a Chicagoland library. Her work has appeared in Steam-Powered II and Rosebud Magazine. In 2010, she won the first ever Naked Girls Reading Literary Honors Award and has been a runner-up for the Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Award. She can most often be found doing one of three things: writing, reading or stomping around at rock ‘n roll shows. Click the link under her name above to check out her blog!

Your readers this week are George Cleveland & Julie Hoverson.

George Cleveland is collaborating with his cats on several ghost stories from the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Julie Hoverson is a woman of mystery. And horror. And sometimes sci fi or comedy (or even romance). She writes, produces, and acts in the award-winning podcast audio drama series 19 Nocturne Boulevard, which debuted in 2008 and has been running at a breakneck pace ever since, but she has also been featured in such other shows as “Edict Zero: FIS” and “Warp’d Space“. Outside of podcasting, she has been known to do live events at conventions, costume contests, renfaires, and any place else where flamboyant style is appreciated. Inside podcasting, it’s too dark to see (to completely misquote Groucho).

“Beckett Falls could’ve been sucked up by a twister for all I had in it. It wasn’t worth a full show and it made me nervous. We gave it one tent and a single twilight. Gas up, chalk a few marks and go.

Far as I ever saw, Shawna Garrett was Beckett Falls’ one breath worth breathing.”