Pseudopod 285: Kill Screen

Kill Screen

by Chris Lewis Carter

I finish cataloging his junk. It’s nothing but shareware for ancient computers, old printer drivers, and a dozen of those America Online discs. I should charge him for making me dig through this mess. ‘Sorry, kid. Even if this stuff didn’t reek, you don’t have anything worth… Hmm?’

At the bottom of the box is a jewel case with no insert. The CD inside has the words Mr. Plott’s Bad Game written in black marker.

‘All right, let’s make a deal.’ I pop open the register, and the sound finally catches his attention. ‘Five bucks for the entire thing.’

About the Author

Chris Lewis Carter

Chris Lewis Carter is an award-winning screenwriter and author who has been featured in dozens of publications, ranging from high school Language Arts textbooks to Stoker-nominated fiction collections. His horror short film, House Hunting, was named an Official Selection at both the 2015 Hollyshorts and Sunscreen Film Festivals.

He lives in Newfoundland, Canada, with his wife, three cats, a stubborn Shar-Pei, and a lazy Greyhound.

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About the Narrators

Jesse Livingston

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Jesse’s work has been featured on Pseudopod and The Drabblecast. All of his music, as well as his first novel A THOUSAND LIFETIMES IN AN HOUR, can be found at

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Mark E. Phair

Your reader this week, Mark E. Phair, is an engineer and a storyteller. Find him online at, and @MarkEPhair on Twitter.

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Josh Roseman

Josh Roseman (not the trombonist; the other one) lives in Georgia and makes internets for a living. He has been published in — among others — Asimov’sEscape Pod, and Evil Girlfriend Media, and has work forthcoming (or already released) in 2016 from Abstract JamStupefying Stories, and The Overcast. His reviews appear regularly at (he’s on the forums as Listener). In 2015, he released his first collection, The Clockwork Russian and Other Stories. When not writing, he mostly complains that he’s not writing.

Check out his story Secret Santa, which appeared on The Dunesteef.



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Jacquie Duckworth

Jacquie Duckworth grew up sneaking out of her room in the wee hours of the night to watch Twilight Zone and Night Gallery. She is an actress in the San Francisco Bay Area performing everything from Shakespeare to sketch comedy and is proud to have been featured as the “Bondi Neighbor Woman” in a television episode of Discovery ID Channel’s I ALMOST GOT AWAY WITH IT!

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