Pseudopod 284: She Said

She Said

by Kirstyn McDermott

As I lifted my brush to the canvas, as I felt the paint flow thick and eager from the bristles, I could see the end, how it needed to be finished. I could see the promise that glimmered beneath the threat, the mercy inherent in destruction. My hand steadied, and worked.

About the Author

Kirstyn McDermott

From Kirstyn’s website:

I was born in Newcastle on Halloween, an auspicious date which may go some way towards explaining my lifelong attraction to all things dark, mysterious, and bumpy-in-the-night. After completing a beautifully useless Bachelor of Arts at Newcastle University, I moved to Melbourne where I lived for eighteen years before making the central Victorian town of Ballarat my home in early 2013.


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About the Narrator

Christopher Reynaga

Christopher Reynaga is a storyteller, novelist, and creator of the podcast radio show Point Mystic: In search of stories behind the magic, the mystery, and the unexplained. Find out more at POINT MYSTIC.

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