Pseudopod 274: The God Complex

The God Complex

by Neil John Buchanan


She recognized an Echo drone when she saw one. Probably a scout sent to investigate the crash.

‘Pheromone discharge detected,’ the suit chimed, and the helmet slammed shut. A moment later, a tube expanded from the drone’s underbelly, and a thin spray of liquid splashed across Nadia’s visor.

‘I am God,’ it pronounced. ‘Do you come in love?’

About the Author

Neil John Buchanan 

Neil John Buchanan lives in the south west of England with two manic cats, two small children and a long-suffering, sympathetic wife. He is a horror fiction writer with work published in various online and print venues, including Pseudopod, Drabblecast, Necrotic Tissue, and the Terminal Earth anthology.

In 2010 he was nominated for the pushcart prize for his short story, ‘Waiting on the Road to Palladium’, and when not thinking up inventive ways to describe dead folk can be found interviewing famous people at Starburst magazine. They give him free stuff which is rather cool, and he hangs around pretending to look busy. He’s rather fond of this Julian Glover interview.

Neil was first drawn to the paranormal and all things that go bump in the night when his father let him watch Zombie Flesh Eaters at the tender age of eight. He has a Zombie Contingency Plan for each home he has ever lived in and advises you to do the same.

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About the Narrator

Rashida J. Smith

Rashida J. Smith is a writer, and the editor of the webzine Giganotosaurus. She has been a carriage driver, a zookeeper’s assistant, riding instructor, and a yoga teacher.  Currently, she wrangles a small person, noodles around on the cello and makes photos.

Lots of folks call her Eddie.

It’s a LONG story.

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