Pseudopod 272: The Dark And What It Said

The Dark And What It Said

by Rick Kennett


The light touched on a bulky, indefinite shape, hard by a tree, obscured by a low branch across the top of it.

‘What’s that?’ whispered Andrew.

‘That old car body I told you about,’ Rudy whispered back. He moved the light along, then swept it all around to catch whatever might be creeping up from behind. Nothing was creeping up from behind.

‘Maybe it was a night bird like you said before,’ said Andrew, not at all sounding like he believed it. ‘I’ve sometimes heard a bird call that sounds like ‘Whatcha reading.’ Maybe there’s something out here that hoots ‘Hey you there’ at night.’

About the Author

Rick Kennett

Rick Kennett lives in Melbourne, Australia where his day job is in the transport industry. His stories have appeared in Andromeda Spaceways, Aurealis, Weird Tales, the Ghosts & Scholars Book of Shadows anthologies and several podcasts including Pseudopod and Dunesteef. His novel The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea was published by Cooperative Press in 2013 and is available on Amazon.

In addition to a slew of Australian publishing awards for his horror fiction, Rick has two Parsec Awards to his credit, including Cast of Wonders episode Now Cydonia which won in the short story category in 2014. And in a lovely coincidence, he’s recently become the podcast correspondent for the magazine Ghosts & Scholars, which specializes in the antiquarian ghost stories of author M. R. James.

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About the Narrator

Graeme Dunlop

Graeme Dunlop is a construct of his own mind and thus extremely hard to grasp. He has no discernible skills and often wonders how he became co-editor of a respected fantasy podcast, audio producer of a horror podcast, host and co-founder of a respected YA podcast, and IT Barbarian for a podcast company.

In alternate futures he is Muad’Dib, or a drunken bum living in a skip, or reincarnated as a dog, or living happily in the now.

He’s also a voice actor, with narrations for each of the Escape Artists podcasts.

He lives in Melbourne, Australia with his lovely wife Amanda. They have a crazy boy dog called Jake. Graeme has been involved with Escape Artists since 2008 and PseudoPod since 2011.

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