Pseudopod 264: A Study In Flesh And Mind

by Liz Argall

This story originally appeared at DAILY SCIENCE FICTION on Friday, May 20th, 2011. Liz’s work can be found in a range of publications, including, Strange Horizons, Meanjin and will be in Machine of Death 2. Related to this story, she supported the Parisian Life Models Strike of 2008, details on which can be seen here and here.

Read by Philippa Ballantine who appeared here last in “In Memoriam”. Her website is currently sporting the covers of her new books, at the link under her name.

“‘Try to observe closely,’ says the Great Teacher, not really looking at her fresh pose, tapping the baton in his palm and smirking at the short-skirted student. ‘It’s like this.’

The model observes his new stance, the way his right hand grasps his hip, the left held in the air. She mimics his pose exactly, although she keeps her face carefully blank and does not include his sneering expression.

The Great Teacher snorts in disgust, shakes his head and rolls his eyes. She swiftly finds a new pose, a mangled combination of the previous three, fighting down anger and a hint of panic. She has no idea what he wants and she will not survive at this school without his recommendation.”