Pseudopod 248: Killing Merwin Remis

Killing Merwin Remis

by Jason Helmandollar

How long?

I’ve already answered the question a dozen times. How many times must I explain? Once more, it seems, although I assure you my story will not change. The facts are the facts. The truth is the truth.

Four months.

It was nearly four months after Merwin Remis moved into the apartment upstairs when I decided to kill him. It was a rational decision – one that came about only after much careful consideration. In the end, I had no other choice. The man was driving me insane.

About the Author

Jason Helmandollar

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Jason Helmandollar lives in Columbus Ohio. He loves to write but his main job is fighting against crime for the government. Along with that, he also teaches young children about criminal justice. His main publication ‘The Backwards Fall’ has been hugely successful, featuring in Encounters Magazine, Bartleby Snopes, Title Goes Here and Sideshow Fables. His other story, ‘Unrecoverable’ was published in the Columbus Writing Competition. Jason Helmandollar’s ultimate goal in life is ‘to sit around all day in his boxers and make stuff up’, reflecting his love of writing. He draws his inspiration from his job, his family and friends. This is borne out in his stories which explore psychology and personal relationships. One of his stories ‘Bedrock’ was based on three spontaneously generated images.

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About the Narrator

Big Anklevich

Big Anklevich is a writer, podcaster, and a father, but not in that order. He produces The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine podcast along with co-host Rish Outfield.

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