Pseudopod 219: The Moon and the Mesa

The Moon and the Mesa

by Daniel Braum

We push our way through the hot maze of cologned bodies and emerge into the relative quiet of the street. She fishes in her purse but instead of taking out a pack of cigarettes she pulls out the little black gun. She holds it up admiring it in the streetlight.

“Didn’t you want to take them home. Didn’t you want to-”

“Aw fuck. What the hell are you doing with that? Don’t take it out here!”

I snatch the gun and stuff it back into her purse.

“Hey. Easy there,” she says. “Don’t you dare tell me you’re not going to. You said.”

She’s much too calm. It’s that calmness that scares me.


About the Author

Daniel Braum

Daniel Braum is the author of the short story collections Night Marchers and Other Strange Tales (Cemetery Dance 2016) and The Wish Mechanics: Stories of the Strange and Fantastic (Independent Legions Publishing 2017) His short stories have appeared in publications including several appearances in Cemetery Dance Magazine and anthologies including The Beauty of Death 2 and Nightscripts 3. He is the host of the Night Time Logic reading series in New York. Visit him at

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About the Narrator

Ben Phillips

Ben Phillips is a programmer and musician living in New Orleans. He was a chief editor of Pseudopod from 2006-2010.

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