Pseudopod 209: Corvus Curse

Corvus Curse

by Barry J. Northern

The dreams got worse and worse in the following week, but they only plagued me at night. I could explain those away without questioning my sanity. I slowly began looking into mirrors again, trying to ignore that one incident for sanity’s sake as well. What worried me the most was my thumb. Even though there was no blood, I wore a plaster around it because one morning I had peered into the crack and swore I saw bone. I didn’t want to look at it after that.

That Saturday when granddad and I arrived at his house in a cloud of diesel, Mum wasn’t waiting for us again. He said she was getting ready upstairs and wouldn’t be long. I turned on the TV while he put the kettle on. I know, I should have said something about Mum, but that would have meant accepting that something strange was happening to her, and right then I was aiming for normality.

Mum’s scream lasted so long I was halfway up the stairs before it ended.

About the Author

Barry J. Northern

Barry J. Northern

Barry J. Northern is an erstwhile spec fic podcaster from the UK who some may remember as host of horror fiction podcast, Cast Macabre, and the original editor of Cast of Wonders. He is delighted for this opportunity to dust off his vocal cords, and would like to say a big hello to everyone at EA and all their lovely listeners.

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Barry J. Northern

About the Narrator

Ian Stuart

Ian Stuart is a writer/performer living in York. He has done work for the BBC and Manx Radio, as well as audiobooks, historical guides and promotional videos. He is also a storyteller/guide for The Ghost Trail of York, taking tourists round the city and telling them some of its darker secrets. You can read more about his poetry and his dog, Digby, on his blog, The Top Banana. If you wish to contact Ian about voiceover work of any kind , you can get in touch with him on Twitter at @yorkwriter99. His greatest boast is that he is the father of a famous son.

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