Pseudopod 207: Papa Was a Gypsy

Papa Was a Gypsy

By Shannon Celebi

She must be mad or fool or both: followin’ ghosts, half naked like Mama was when she got killed. And then it struck her like a hurricane deep in her throat, a kinda knowin’ dread that made her knees go weak.

“What happened to you, Mama?” Elma asked. She never asked before cuz she reckoned Mama wouldn’t answer, but this time Mama made a small sound, a grunt, like she was tryin’ to talk but couldn’t remember how.

“Were you followin’ a ghost, Mama?”

Mama made the sound again.

About the Author

Shannon Celebi

Shannon Celebi: writer, mother and superhero extraordinaire. Shannon has the power to alter time, create new realities, turn water into wine, and bring peace to warring nations…all while cooking dinner, cleaning the house, and receiving accolades as “Mother of the Year” from her mostly-grateful 17 year old son.

Shannon is a magnificent multi-tasker; while working on the sequel to her novel, Everywhere That Mary Went, she acts as Chief Editor and Marketing Director for an online publishing firm in Ashland, Oregon.

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About the Narrator

Ben Phillips

Ben Phillips is a programmer and musician living in New Orleans. He was a chief editor of Pseudopod from 2006-2010.

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