PseudoPod 166: Something There Is

Something There Is

by Joe Nazare

As if reading Montresor’s thoughts, Luchesi reached down toward his feet; his hand came back proffering a long-necked bottle. “Here,” he spoke in a conspiratorial whisper, after shooting a look towards the palazzo’s attendant-less hallway. “Medoc — what I just happen to have handy with me, you understand. But it should serve as a worthy substitute.”


“In your sleep, just now: you were calling out for Amontillado.”

Vestiges of his nightmare shrouded Montresor’s thoughts. Dry-mouthed, he attempted to swallow nonetheless. “You must have misheard me, I’m sure.”

About the Author

Joe Nazare

From his website:

I believe fate drew me to the macabre. Growing up, I lived on a street that abutted a sprawling cemetery, which provided not only a venue for daring exploration but also a football “field”–complete with tombstone end-zone markers–for the neighborhood children. Episodes of Scooby-Doo, games of Clue, the terror tales of Edgar Allan Poe all formed early influences; later, the discovery of the books and films of Stephen King and Clive Barker permanently imprinted my imagination. In 2003, I earned a Ph.D. in English from NYU, but after a decade-long stint in the college classroom, I abandoned the climb of the Ivory Tower to pursue darker constructions. Currently I serve as a health and wellness administrator and head personal trainer at a local YMCA in my native state of New Jersey, but my heart’s work begins each night when I sit down at the computer to write. My fiction, poetry, and nonfiction has been published in various (maga)zines, anthologies, books, and journals (see the Publications page for a complete listing). an unabashed October-lover, I am also the author of the volume Autumn Lauds: Poems for the Halloween Season.

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About the Narrator

B.J. Harrison

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“BJ Harrison is a master at his craft, with smooth narration skills that reflect every nuance of emotion and bring stories to life with every breath. He’s professional, efficient, and I highly recommend his services.” -New York Times bestselling author Melissa Foster

BJ Harrison has recorded in virtually every genre to astounding acclaim. His ability to create compelling character voices and use convincing, authentic accents when needed has consistently transformed written words into breath-taking performances. Gothic castles, Victorian England, dystopian futures, contemporary romances and heart-stopping thrillers have all been elevated to the next level through the considerable abilities of BJ Harrison. (more…)

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