PseudoPod 149: Mira

Show Notes

Closing music by Hopeful Machines, a side project of Ego Likeness


by Michael James McFarland

I won’t go into the details surrounding my dismissal from a well-known East Coast brokerage firm. other than to say I inadvertently let slip some information of a rather sensitive nature and, when it came down to drawing the line, the firm was more interested in maintaining their reputation than my livelihood.

Of course they were. But I didn’t exactly walk away empty-handed. They were all very civilized. There were no black marks on my resume; hell, they even found me another job. At a much smaller firm in Seattle.

And that’s where I met Mira, who this tale is really about.

About the Author

Michael James McFarland

Michael James McFarland is an author of the strange and creepy.

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David Moore

David Moore is an American role-player, podcaster, and all around good guy. He hosts The Game Master Show and organized the Firefly RPG After Serenity.

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