PseudoPod 148: Graffiti


by K.S. Dearsley

It was exactly what Marian was looking for–a home of her own, an address to prove she existed. She looked around feeling someone behind her. Gareth entered the lounge carrying a packing case. He spoke over the top of it.

“It’s a bit of a mess.”

The previous tenants had left stained carpets, chipped paintwork and crayon on the walls.

“Nothing that soapy water and a paintbrush can’t fix.”

About the Author

K.S. Dearsley

From her website:

When I was a child, my family moved quite often around villages in Buckinghamshire. Changing schools frequently and living surrounded by fields to play in meant that I lived a lot in my imagination. By the time we moved to Northampton I’d already written several plays and ‘novels’, largely inspired by Dr Who and The Man from Uncle. On leaving school, I got a ‘proper’ job, but continued to write. (more…)

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About the Narrator

Claudia Smith

Pseudopod Default

Claudia Smith is a video game translator who reads (and narrates) for fun. She was introduced to Pseudopod by her old university friend, Helen Keeble, and highly recommends reading her two books, Fang Girl and No Angel – especially if, as well as being a fan of the horror genre, you also enjoy a bit of light-hearted teen vampire romance parody.

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