PseudoPod 139: Old Ways

Old Ways

by Dan Dworkin

The man in the doorway was backlit by the low hanging sun, and when he told her about Ray it didn’t seem real.


“Yes ma’am, I’m afraid so.”

Fatima gripped the front of her blouse and twisted. She steadied herself against the door jam, and when she spoke it was a whisper, “Imkonsiz…”

The detective frowned, as he was not learned in Uzbek, “I’m sorry?”

“I say, is impossible.”

Everything about her was fragile and too thin — her wrists, her neck, even the skin on her face, which was translucent in the morning light.

“I wish you were right about that, ma’am.”

About the Author

Dan Dworkin

Dan has been a professional television writer on a number of shows, plus producing Criminal Minds.

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About the Narrator

Jenna Sharpe

(Jenna incidentally also voices Naija in Aquaria)

From Jenna’s website:

Jenna wanted to be an actress from a young age but like most kids, there were about 100 other things she also wanted to be. Swimming, gymnastics, judo, horse riding, ballet? She tried them all and usually got bored pretty quickly. But after seeing a friend’s brochure for a local Saturday stage school and begging her dad to let her go, she finally found something she truly loved doing.

Jenna gained a 1st class degree at the University of the West of England and went on to do a Master’s degree in Occupational Psychology (how the principles of Psychology can be applied to business) and straight into a job with Thames Valley Police.

Despite loving the police environment Jenna left her job with the police to pursue her acting and voice over career professionally. In fact Jenna’s unconventional background proved to be her greatest strength as an actress. Her knowledge and interest in studying human behaviour coupled with her eventful childhood and varied career added a unique dimension to her performances.

Jenna prides herself on her broad emotional and character range but always strives to create a believable character with depth and authenticity. It didn’t take long for her to start getting leading roles in films and regular voice over work.

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