PseudoPod 137: The Reign of the Wintergod

The Reign of the Wintergod

by Eugie Foster

The doctors come and ask me questions, but they always ask the _wrong_ questions, so I’m stuck. I can give them the wrong answers or no answer at all. I try to explain, try to teach them what the right question is, but they never listen.

“How are you, today, Carolyn?” they ask. And, “Did you have the nightmares again last night?” And occasionally, “Ready for your medication?” The last question I don’t mind as much. The round blue pills give delicious sleep — sleep without dreams. They just make it harder to sleep without them. But the purple pills, the ones with the jagged edges, they make me numb, detached, and that frightens me.

About the Author

Eugie Foster

In her own words:

I grew up in the Midwest, although I call home a mildly haunted, fey-infested house in metro Atlanta that I share with my husband, Matthew. After receiving my Master of Arts degree in Developmental Psychology, I retired from academia to pen flights of fancy. I also edit legislation for the Georgia General Assembly, which from time to time I suspect is another venture into flights of fancy. (more…)

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About the Narrator

Leann Mabry

The world is not ready for Leann Mabry. Best-known for her Parsec-Award winning Tag in the Seam podcast, Leann’s feisty charm, intelligence, honesty, humor, sophistication and wisdom have propelled her to the forefront of the New Media scene. The show began as a podcast for women, but quickly developed a rabid following among both sexes. Leann has continued to push the envelope, retaining female-focused sensibilities while adding artistic and deeply personal touches, turning T.i.t.S. (she swears the acronym is an accident . . .) into one of the most exciting, volatile, progressive podcasts in production. (more…)

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