Pseudopod 113: Furnace Room Lullaby

By Leah Bobet

Read by The Word Whore

Sound design and score by Lee M. Bartow (featuring music by love is nothing. and Navicon Torture Technologies). Recorded and constructed at Leechnest Breeding Facilities Summer-Autumn 2008.

The house off Weathervane Street came old, but not

It came with bright red brick walls on the outside,
cherry-paneled floors on the inside, plaster that
weeps moisture in the summer that plinks into a
hundred dented pots. It came with cats that drink the
water, wander in and out of the house, vanish into the
weedy yard at dusk. It came old and weeping, rafters
twisted, foundation long settled and scented with

Isabelle made it haunted, and so she still lives in
the house.

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