PseudoPod 094: The Skull-Faced Boy

The Skull-Faced Boy

by David Barr Kirtley

He turned his eyes back to the road, and in the light of the high beams he saw a man stumble into the path of the car. Without thinking, Jack swerved.

The car bounced violently, and then its left front side smashed into a tree. The steering column surged forward, like an ocean wave, and crushed Jack’s stomach.

Dustin wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. He flew face-first through the windshield, rolled across the hood, and tumbled off onto the ground.

About the Author

David Barr Kirtley

David Barr Kirtley is the host of the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxypodcast on, for which he’s interviewed well over 300 guests, including Neil Gaiman, George R. R. Martin, Margaret Atwood, Richard Dawkins, Paul Krugman, Simon Pegg, Joyce Carol Oates, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Ursula K. Le Guin.

His short fiction appears in magazines such as Realms of FantasyWeird TalesLightspeed, and Intergalactic Medicine Show, on podcasts such as Escape Pod and Pseudopod, and in books such as The Living Dead, New Cthulhu, The Way of the Wizard, and New Voices in Science Fiction. His story “Save Me Plz” was picked by editor Rich Horton for the 2008 edition of the anthology series Fantasy: The Best of the Year.

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About the Narrator

W. Ralph Walters

Your reader this week is W. Ralph Walters, whose FREQUENCY OF FEAR website hasn’t been updated in a while but still has treasures to be plundered. He read the extremely popular “What Makes You Tick” in Pseudopod 228: Flash On The Borderlands VII – Tableaux & Displays.

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